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Bicycle Seats for Women

OUCH! My butt hurts.Bike Seats for women are usually a little wider than bike seats that are made for men, as women’s sit bones are set further apart than men’s. Women’s seats sometimes feature an anatomic relief zone, or extra deep relief zone, to provide pressure and pain relief to the groin and perennial area. These bicycle seats are for… Read More
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Style in Pink

ffFor more about Gay Haubner’s life in the North Country, read the other chapters  in her serialized memoir. The  Post will publish a new segment each week.  I had started kindergarten age four on the army base in Hawaii. My father, a captain, had wrangled this early admission to get me out of my mother’s hair while she coped with a new baby. … Read More
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Miss World Competition

What would a real “Miss World” competition look like?    (and should it be “Ms World?) Feeding babies while cooking?  Running a company and leading a staff of professionals? Managing a household? Running a farm? A home based business? Dating online? Keeping a long term marriage alive?  Single, divorced, widowed?   I think today’s Ms has to do all of the… Read More