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New Fashion; Black Clothes

Black is Back!   Check out the returning style “Black”.   I’ll bet you already have black in your closet too.  No need to spend a bunch of money you can’t spare right now on a new wardrobe.  Go back to your basics, and in today’s new normal – no one cares!

Orange is not the new black  –  Black is the new black.

It’s classic, simple, and can be totally versatile. It all depends on which pieces you wear and how you put them together. To prove just how universal the color is, we’re showing you exactly how to pull off an all-black outfit, whether you’re a classic or eclectic person.

Forget what you know about the dark monochrome look coming off as too somber or severe. Those with ladylike style prove the color to be flirty and playful, while trend-minded girls will make the look instantly covetable. See the all-black outfits we’re loving right now.

 Black is Back

Black is Back!

Find 100% Discounts on everything already in your closet.

Stop buying new clothes.  A growing movement eschews fast fashion in favor of secondhand clothing. Is this the biggest personal change that can be made for the environment?

‘Don’t feed the monster!’ The people who have stopped buying new clothes:

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