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Miss World Competition

What would a real “Miss World” competition look like?    (and should it be “Ms World?)

Feeding babies while cooking?  Running a company and leading a staff of professionals? Managing a household? Running a farm? A home based business? Dating online? Keeping a long term marriage alive?  Single, divorced, widowed?   I think today’s Ms has to do all of the above.

Image a competition about online dating. I might think a timed trial contest, sorting through 1,000 dating profiles finding the one real person, might be more current.

What qualities do we teach our daughters?  What do we want them to learn?  Let’s have a competition saying, “No”.
“No, I don’t want to be abused.”  “No, I don’t like that”

How about a competition choosing a good partner?   What qualities and characteristics do we want for our partners?

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